What is doggie day care?

Doggie Daycare at Lepar Daycare and Grooming will consist of dogs spending the day playing and socializing with other dogs and people. Dogs will be split into play groups based on size and temperament. These playgroups will be supervised by our well-trained daycare staff.

Throughout the day, dogs will be rotated outside to relieve themselves and also to take brief rests. These rest periods are important, as it allows dogs to take a break from the action of the playgroup and give them some time to relax. This is vital to maintaining the stability of the playgroup. This practice is also applied in the amount of allowed consecutive visits to daycare. Due to dogs needing rest in between large bouts of play, we do not allow dogs to attend daycare more than three days a week.

While Lepar Daycare and Grooming wants to create a fun environment for your dog, we also take the safety of all dogs in our care very seriously, and thus do not allow toys on the play floor. Toys can cause some dogs to resource guard or become possessive, which could lead to aggressive behavior.

Water will be provided all day to dogs, and our staff can also administer medications your pet may require.

We look forward to working with your dog to harbor a fun, safe environment to promote socialization and strengthen the human and animal bond.

Temperament Testing

Temperament testing is vital to the stability and overall happiness of any play group. All dogs must past temperament testing with our staff in order to enter daycare.
Temperament testing at Lepar Daycare and Grooming will consist of first introducing a new dog to our daycare staff. Once the dog feels comfortable with the daycare staff, we will start to introduce the dog to other dogs at daycare, based on size and temperament. We will slowly introduce dogs one by one, eventually creating a pack of dogs that are all comfortable with each other.

In the event a dog shows signs of stress or discomfort, we will halt the introduction, and attempt another introduction at a different time. Dogs displaying signs of aggression, to human or animal, will not be allowed into the play group.

LePar Daycare vaccine requirements.

  • Current on Physical exam by a LePar Veterinarian within 1 year for Day Care.
  • Rabies vaccine (rabies titers are NOT accepted)
  • Distemper / parvo combination (or equivalent titer)
  • Bordetella vaccine
  • Canine influenza vaccine
  • Leptospirosis vaccine
  • Current Negative stool sample within 1 year
  • All dogs will be required to pass a temperament test prior to admission to day care.
  • Dogs must be current on heartworm and flea prevention.
  • All dogs must be spayed or neutered.
  • All Vaccines must be complete 2 weeks prior to entry to day care or boarding to ensure adequate immunity.

Day care while boarding

Can I have my dog in day care while he or she is boarding? Sure! In order to ensure the best chance of success we would require the completion of our online behavior questionnaire, as well as successfully passing temperament testing. We recommend breaks between days at day care to rest. There is a separate charge for day care and boarding, the cost of day care is NOT included in the cost of boarding.

New client day care policy

Not a LePar client? That’s okay. We can still welcome your pup into our day care. In order to ensure the best day care experience for you and your pup we require the following.

  • Completion of our online Behavior intake questionnaire
  • An exam by one of our doctors annually. This is done to ensure your pup is healthy and current on all required vaccines.
  • There is an exam charge for this visit, and it will include your pet’s first day of day care.
  • Passing temperament testing.