Hillary – Groomer

I attended grooming academy and became a certified pet groomer in 2010. I am pet parent to two Labrador Retrievers named Ryan and Sugar, and parakeet named Felicia. I love working with animals, and I can’t wait to meet yours!

Ashley – Groomer

My name is Ashley. I am 25 years old, married with a 2-year-old and our 1-year-old cat Kratos. I started my grooming career at Petco back in June of 2017. They sent me to groom school in Schereville, IN. I then became a certified Pet Stylist in November of 2017. I groom ALL breeds and grew to favor Husky grooms, Shih Tzus, Pomeranians, and the list continues.


Base Grooming Pricing
• Small dog or cat full service grooming $47 -55
• Medium dog full service grooming $55-70
• Large dog full service grooming $75 -95
• XL dog full service grooming $95-120+

*Pricing subject to change based on coat condition and fractious pets.

Grooming Add on Services
• Teeth brushing & Breath Spray- Keep Pup’s smile fresh and clean $6
• Nail Grinding- Files rough edges and gets nails as short as possible $15
• Specialty Shampoo -Your choice of brightening, oatmeal, conditioning, or degreasing shampoo $6
• Conditioner- Pamper your pet with our moisturizing conditioner $6
• Spa Package (Includes all the above) $26
• Deshedding- Reduce shedding up to 50% with first treatment! $10-25
• DeSkunk Treatment- This service will help greatly reduce skunk oil odor $35
• Hair color- Add some pizzazz to your pups locks with our pet safe color! $10-40
• Nail Polish- Keep Pup’s nails looking sharp with a pop of color! $10
• Pawdicure- Nail Trim, Nail File (Grind), and Nail Polish $20

All above services are in addition to base grooming/bath price and cost is subject to size and coat condition of pet.