Offering Tailored Solutions for Cat and Dog Allergies in Evergreen Park, IL

Allergies In Dogs And Cats In Evergreen Park Il

It’s hard to see your pet in discomfort, caught in an endless loop of scratching, licking, or nibbling at themselves. These behaviors, which may seem like mere nuisances, could be signs of a more significant health concern, like an allergy or skin disorder. At LePar Animal Hospital, we’re experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of allergies in dogs and cats. Our team will investigate the cause of your pet’s condition and help you find a tailored solution that brings them comfort and healing.

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Heeding the Signs:
When Your Pet’s Skin Calls for Care

Your pet’s relentless scratching and licking at themselves is their way of raising a flag for help. But there may also be other signs of a problem.

Keep an eye out for these red flags, which indicate it’s time for an expert examination:

  • Persistent scratching, licking, or biting
  • Noticeable rashes or alarming sores
  • Dryness or irritation
  • Scabs and swelling
  • Unexpected hair loss
  • Rubbing their face

Finding a Path to Recovery

Addressing skin disorders and allergies in pets is a collaborative journey. From your pet’s first checkup, we go beyond treating the visible symptoms. We aim to identify and tackle the root cause of your pet’s itching and irritation, creating a personalized plan that ensures effective, lasting relief. This plan starts with a thorough examination and may include laboratory testing to address any remaining questions. We will also want to know about your pet’s life at home and their potential exposure to allergens.

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Innovative Treatments to Support Your Pet’s Healing

Understanding that each pet is unique, we offer a variety of innovative treatments alongside traditional methods to combat allergies and skin conditions. Along with our more conventional medications, topicals, and supplements, we also offer integrative therapies at our hospital. These include laser therapy and acupuncture, modern approaches that utilize your pet’s own natural healing abilities to provide additional relief and recovery for your pet. Our team is skilled in these advanced techniques, ensuring your pet benefits from the latest in veterinary care.