Meeting Your Pet's Hygiene Needs: Cat and Dog Grooming in Evergreen Park, IL

At LePar Animal Hospital, we believe every pet deserves a day of pampering and care. Our cat and dog grooming services offer a rejuvenating experience that makes your pet feel healthy and refreshed both outside and inside. Whether you're bringing in a playful puppy or a graceful cat, we are equipped to provide a wide range of pet grooming services that can be tailored specifically to your companion’s needs.

Learn more about our grooming services for dogs and cats below and call (708) 423-3200 to schedule a grooming appointment today!

Pet Grooming In Evergreen Park Il
Dog In Bath

Our Dog Grooming Services

Dogs benefit from our detailed, all-encompassing grooming services, which include the following:

Canine Full-Service Bath

  • A thorough wash
  • Blow-dry and brush out to remove tangles and loose fur
  • Nail trim to keep the nails at a healthy length
  • Ear cleaning to prevent moisture buildup and ear infections

Canine Full-Service Groom

For those pups in need of a little extra styling, our full-service groom includes all the benefits of our full-service bath with the addition of a custom haircut, perfect for keeping your dog looking their best!

Our Cat Grooming Services

We offer grooming for cats, too! See our services for felines below.

Feline Full-Service Bath

  • Full wash
  • Blow-dry and brush out for a sleek fur finish
  • Nail trim
  • Ear cleaning

Feline Full-Service Groom

Our feline full-service groom includes all the pampering of our bath service, plus a haircut to maintain your cat's coat and skin. This is ideal for long-haired breeds or cats needing a trim.

Close Up White And Grey Cat

Elevate Your Pet's Grooming Experience with Our Add-Ons

At LePar Animal Hospital, your pet's health and quality of life are our top priorities. We offer a blend of traditional and alternative veterinary oncology treatments tailored to your pet. Our team, led by Dr. Bauer for traditional chemotherapy treatments and supported by our integrative veterinarians for alternative approaches, works collaboratively to provide a holistic plan suited to your pet's needs. We often incorporate dietary changes into chemotherapy plans, emphasizing our commitment to truly comprehensive care.


Meet Ileana, Our Lead Groomer for Dogs and Cats

Ileana is at the heart of our grooming services. Owned by 2 beagles, Benji and Sage, her passion for animals shines through in her work. Since stepping into the grooming industry in 2015, Ileana has dedicated herself to providing loving and expert care to every pet she meets. She looks forward to making your pet look and feel their best!