Discover Our Frequent Referral Program

Have you heard about our Frequent Referral Program? Each new client you refer to our hospital entitles you to a credit of $20.00 on your account which can be used towards services, medicine, or food.

New Client Welcome Offer

If you’re a new client, we’ll give you a $20.00 credit toward your account as well!

Grooming Referral Credit

We not only offer referral credit for veterinary care, but we also offer grooming referral credit. For each client you refer for grooming you will receive a $10 credit and the person you refer will receive $10 toward grooming services.

Referral Program In Evergreen Park Il

How to Ensure Your Referral Credit

Please make sure your friends or family write your name on the appropriate line of the new client form or client referral card. This allows us to adjust your account accordingly. We will send you an email notifying you about the credit.

Dog Licking Other Dog On Nose

Our Gratitude

We hope you take advantage of this unique offer. Your referrals help our business grow and allow us to continue to provide the highest quality veterinary care available. Thanks again for placing your trust in us!