Veterinary Oncology in Evergreen Park, IL

What do you do if your dog or cat has cancer? First, know there’s hope for successful treatment and a better quality of life for your pet. At LePar Animal Hospital in Evergreen Park, IL, we are pleased to offer cancer care options to our patients and a shoulder to lean on for our clients. A cancer diagnosis for a beloved pet is a difficult thing to handle, but with our team supporting you, you can have some peace of mind and confidence about your companion’s care. We can treat many different types of cancer, from lymphoma in dogs to squamous cell carcinoma in cats.

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Veterinary Oncology In Evergreen Park IL

Understanding Cancer in Pets

Cancer in pets, like cancer in people, is the uncontrolled growth of cells. These cells are part of the body, which can sometimes mean the immune system doesn't see them as a threat. Under normal circumstances, a healthy immune system regulates cell growth. When cancer develops, it's an indication that the immune system can't keep everything in balance. Thinking of cancer as a breakdown in immune function can help us understand how to approach treatment from multiple angles.

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Exploring Cancer Treatment Options for Your Pet

At LePar Animal Hospital, we recognize the importance of providing a comprehensive range of treatment options to suit the needs of each unique pet. Our approach includes:

  • Surgery: Removing the cancer surgically.
  • Chemotherapy: Using medication to eliminate cencer cells
  • Radiation Therapy: Targeting cancer cells with precise radiation.

The chance of recovery can vary widely, being influenced by the type of cancer, its location, and whether it has spread to other areas of your pet’s body. Alongside these conventional treatments, we also believe in the power of alternative therapies to support the whole body, including diet and supplements to boost the immune system and destroy cancer cells.

Offering Tailored Cancer Treatment Plans at LePar Animal Hospital

At LePar Animal Hospital, your pet's health and quality of life are our top priorities. We offer a blend of traditional and alternative veterinary oncology treatments tailored to your pet. Our team, led by Dr. Bauer for traditional chemotherapy treatments and supported by our integrative veterinarians for alternative approaches, works collaboratively to provide a holistic plan suited to your pet's needs. We often incorporate dietary changes into chemotherapy plans, emphasizing our commitment to truly comprehensive care.

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For Further Information and Support

If you are interested in learning more about pet cancer research and trials, we recommend visiting This resource provides valuable information on traditional cancer trials at universities and specialty veterinary centers, offering hope and additional options for families navigating a cancer diagnosis.

At LePar Animal Hospital in Evergreen Park, IL, we're committed to providing the support, care, and advanced treatment options your pet needs to fight cancer. We encourage you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bauer or one of our integrative veterinarians to discuss the best course of action for your pet. Call (708) 423-3200 to speak with us directly or book an appointment online.